Edition 1: Biodiversity

In this edition, students explore biodiversity through a number of different activities. From backyard bird watching, building your own nature journal, creating your own ecosystems, and much more!

Edition 2: Space Exploration

Welcome back, explorers! We have been busy at SCI-FI Science Camps, we have been getting ready for the mission of a lifetime. Grab your space suit because in this edition we explore the mysteries of space! From activities such as a Moon Journal, Recording Earths Rotation, Life Cycle of Stars, and much more!

Edition 3: Science in The Backyard

To be a scientist you do not need a laboratory! In this edition, we explore science in your backyard! Activities ranging from Operation Tree Build, Newspaper Fort Challenge, and creating your own Ice Cream!

Edition 4: The Human Body

Welcome to another activity booklet campers! In this edition, we explore the human body and the powers that are hidden within it. Grab a family member and explore activities such as DNA Coding, The Great Gastro Intestinal Escape, and finding your Blindspot!