Workshop Registration is now closed. Thank-you for a great year! We visited over 600 classroom throught the province. Check back in February 2020.

Due to the overwhelming amount of responses, we are asking that schools limit their workshop requests to one workshop per classroom. Schools located in the Regina area and Southern portion of the Province are requested to contact EYES

This year SCI-FI is happy to share that all workshops for 2019 will be FREE, and are designed to connect digital literacy, technology, and the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum!

Our workshop content has recently been revised to include digital literacy, technology, and a closer link to the Saskatchewan Curriculum! Look for more information coming soon!

Our workshops function as excellent unit introductions or reviews!

Workshop Catalogue

This printable copy of our workshop offerings contains all the information you need to register for you of our workshops.


Our workshop content has recently been revised to include digital literacy, technology, and a closer link to the Saskatchewan Curriculum! 



Curriculum Relativity



Look At My Garden Grow!

Gr 1

LT 1.1, LT 1.2

Learn about the characteristics of living things (both plants and animals) and how they survive within their ecosystem.

Take home

Mini terrarium

The Wild World of Water!

Gr 2

AW1.1, AW1.2

LS2.1, LS2.2

After discovering the importance of water in all its states and looking at the relationship between solids and liquids, students will use their knowledge to work in groups and design a boat that can hold the greatest weight.

Design and Build Challenge

Adventures with Ozobots


Gr 1 & 2

OM1.1, OM1.2, MP2.1, MP2.2

With the help of our little Ozobot friends, students will discover how objects use their senses to interact with the world around them. Students will be given time to explore with the robots using the Colour Codes!

Coding Challenge

Magnet, Magnets Everywhere!

Gr 3

ME3.1, ME3.2

Find out what attracts and repels you in our 2018 magnets workshop! Students will learn about the properties of magnets, including what causes them to attract some materials, but repel others. They will get to do this through actual hands-on use of magnets of many different shapes and sizes!

Hands-on Exploration 

Geology Rocks!


Gr 4

RM4.1, RM4.2, RM4.3

Let out your inner Geologist! Take your class on a Virtual Reality Google Expedition Field Trip to the heart of a volcano to explore how rocks and minerals are formed. Students will also create their very own fossil. Get ready to rock and roll!

Take Home

Make your own fossil

Music To My Ears


Gr 4

SO4.1, SO4.2, SO4.3

Explore the science behind the sounds. Students will learn how sound is created, explore Canadian sound technologies, and have the opportunity to make some noise of their own with LittleBits! It’ll be music to your ears!

Design and Build Challenge

Fun With Forces

Gr 5

FM5.1, FM5.2, FM5.3

Forces are all around us! See some cool demonstrations of the different forces and how they influence our lives every day! We will then use our knowledge of simple machines to build our own machine that can solve our problem!

Design and Build Challenge

What’s With The Weather?


Gr 5

WE5.1, WE5.2, WE5.3

We will talk about the Saskatchewan Climate and examine how technology has allowed Scientists to better predict weather patterns. Students will use an iPad to code a MicroBit to be a thermometer or a light sensor and put them to use in the classroom and outside.

Coding Challenge

Snap To It!


Gr 6

EL6.1, EL6.2, EL6.3

Understand the function of circuits in the world around us. Students will use Snap Circuits to build simple and parallel circuits that power lights, speakers and fans. Get ready to Snap to it!

Design and Build challenge

Fantastic Flight

Gr 6

FL6.1, FL6.2, FL6.3

Spread your wings and fly with our fantastic flight workshop! Students will learn about the basic concepts that make flight possible using Google Expedition Virtual Reality to get up close and personal with airplanes, birds, and fighter jets. Then, students will get the opportunity to design and launch their very own bottle rockets.

Design and Build Challenge

Captivating Chemistry

Gr 7

MS7.1, MS7.3


Let your inner mad scientist out with our chemistry workshop! Students will learn and see the differences between physical and chemical reactions, learn about the reactive results of mixing acids and bases, and get to design their own experiment!

Design and Build Challenge

Outstanding Optics

Gr 8

OP8.1, OP8.2

Students will explore optics related technologies such as concave and convex mirrors and lenses. Students will also discover the ways in which our eyes play tricks on us.

Take Home

Hologram Projector

Codemakers: Enigma Code

Gr 7 & 8

P7.2, P7.3


Using algorithms similar to the Enigma Code, students will create, send, and decode messages with their classmates. This workshop will combine science and math to learn the science behind computer coding!

Coding Challenge

Times & Locations

We are running workshops in 2019 from early May until mid June

We offer four time slots per day for workshops:  two in the morning and two in the afternoon, but can run multiple workshops in a time slot.  The workshops are optimized to be 1 hour long, and are easily adjustable to account for early dismissals and recess.

Teachers must remain present in the classroom during the workshops for both legal and safety reasons, but do not have to participate in the workshop.  All of our workshops are designed to work in any classroom space and we bring all of the supplies we need for the workshop - if we have any special requests, we'll let you know ahead of time. 

We travel to schools throughout central and northern Saskatchewan.  See recent locations below. 


Cost & Payment

This year SCI-FI is happy to share that all workshops for 2019 will be FREE, and are designed to connect digital literacy, technology, and the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum!


Notes about the workshop registration process:   

  • We receive upwards of 400 workshop registrations each year which makes scheduling very difficult.  For this reason, you are unable to select a specific date and time for your workshop. Instead, we ask that you indicate all of the days where you CANNOT possibly have a workshop, and we will schedule around those days. We thank you in advance for your flexibility! 
  • You can select these non-working dates on the final step on the online registration form.  
  • Please include each class on our registration form. To make confirming workshops easier, we ask that you select one contact person to book all of the workshops for your school.  

How to Register

  1. Find a contact person to submit all workshop requests for your school. 
  2. Make a note of any non-working dates for your school. 
  3. Your school's contact person should complete our online registration form, indicating dates that don't work to host workshops. 
  4. SCI-FI will send the contact person a confirmation by email once workshops are scheduled. 
A designated contact person can register up to 10 workshops at a time for your school (if you want to register more than 10, you can fill out the form multiple times).