In-person Workshops

Our workshop content has recently been revised to include digital literacy, technology, and a closer link to the Saskatchewan Curriculum! 


Curriculum Relativity



Look At My Garden Grow!

Gr 1

LT1.1, LT1.2, DS1.1

After learning about the parts of a plant and what plants need to grow, students will make a garden in a bag and watch sprouts develop after a few days!

Take home

Mini terrarium

The Wild World of Water!

Gr 1 & 2

LS2.1, LS2.2 AW2.1, AW2.2 OM1.1, OM1.2

After discovering the relationship between solids and liquids, and learning about buoyancy, students will use their knowledge to work in groups and design a boat that can hold the greatest weight.

Design and Build Challenge

Adventures with Ozobots


Gr 1 & 2

SE1.1 OM1.1, OM1.2 MP2.1, MP2.2

With the help of our little Ozobot friends, students will discover how robots use their senses to interact with the world around them. Students will be given time to explore and play with the colour-detecting robots.

Coding Challenge

Magnet, Magnets Everywhere!

Gr 3

ME3.1, ME3.2

Find out what attracts and repels you in our magnets workshop! Students will learn about the properties of magnets, including what causes them to attract some materials, but repel others. They will get to do this through actual hands-on use of magnets of many different shapes and sizes!

Hands-on Exploration 

Geology Rocks!


Gr 3 & 4

ES3.1, ES3.2 RM4.1, RM4.2, RM4.3

Let out your inner Geologist! Students will learn about the rock cycle and about different types of soil and how this impacts the environment. Students will also have the opportunity to create their very own fossil. Get ready to rock and roll!

Take Home

Make your own fossil

Music To My Ears


Gr 4

SO4.1, SO4.2, SO4.3

Explore the science behind the sounds. Students will learn how sound is created, and have the opportunity to make some noise of their own with LittleBits! It’ll be music to your ears!

Design and Build Challenge

Fun With Forces

Gr 5

FM5.1, FM5.2, FM5.3

Forces are all around us! See cool demonstrations of the different forces and how they influence our lives every day! Learn about Newton’s 3 laws, then use your knowledge to build a machine.

Design and Build Challenge

Take a Deep Breath

Gr 5

HB5.1, HB5.2, HB5.3

Sci-Fi’s newest health science workshop! Learn the locations of major organs and how different systems work together to power our bodies. Students will play interactive games and create a replica of lungs.

Design and Build Challenge

Snap To It!


Gr 6

EL6.1, EL6.2, EL6.3

Understand the function of circuits in the world around us. Students will use Snap Circuits to build simple and parallel circuits that power lights, speakers and fans. Get ready to Snap to it!

Design and Build Challenge

Fantastic Flight

Gr 6

FL6.1, FL6.2, FL6.3, SS6.1

Spread your wings and fly with our fantastic flight workshop! Students will learn about the basic concepts that make flight possible such as Bernoulli’s principle. Then, students will get the opportunity to design and launch their very own bottle rockets.

Design and Build Challenge

Captivating Chemistry

Gr 7

MS7.1, MS7.3, HT7.2

Let your inner mad scientist out with our chemistry workshop! Students will learn and see the differences between physical and chemical reactions, learn about the reactive results of mixing acids and bases, and finally, will get to make their own slime!

Design and Build Challenge

Outstanding Optics

Gr 8

OP8.1, OP8.2

Students will explore optics-related technologies such as concave and convex mirrors and lenses. Learn about the law of reflection and the importance of reflection angles. Students will also discover the ways in which our eyes play tricks on us when they make their own holograms.

Take Home

Hologram Projector

Codemakers: Ctrl alt Elite

Gr 7 & 8

 P7.1, P7.2, P7.3, P8.1

Using algorithms similar to the Enigma Code, students will learn logic of computer programming. This workshop will combine science and math to learn the science behind computer coding!

Coding Challenge

This year SCI-FI is happy to share that all workshops for 2023 will be FREE, and are designed to connect digital literacy, technology, and the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum!

Workshops will be available from May 15th, 2023 until June 16th, 2023.

Our workshop content has recently been revised to include digital literacy, technology, and a closer link to the Saskatchewan Curriculum! Look for more information coming soon!

Our workshops function as excellent unit introductions or reviews!

Times & Locations

We are currently offering in-person workshops from May 15th until June 16thWorkshops will be available during weekdays. More information about our May and June workshops can be found in our "In-person Workshops" section.

Please list your unavailable dates when registering to allow us to account for your schedule when booking workshops. All workshops are sheduled to take one hour to complete. The workshops are easily adjustable to account for early dismissals and recess on a per-school basis.

For schools that are located outside of Saskatoon, we require a minimum of three workshops to be booked in a single day.

Teachers must remain present in the classroom during the workshops for both legal and safety reasons, but do not have to participate in the workshop.


Cost & Payment

This year SCI-FI is happy to share that all workshops for 2023 will be FREE, and are designed to connect digital literacy, technology, and the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum!

How to Register

  1. Find a contact person to submit all workshop requests for your school. 
  2. Make a note of any non-working dates for your school. 
  3. Your school's contact person should complete our online registration form, indicating dates that don't work to host workshops. 
  4. SCI-FI will send the contact person a confirmation by email once workshops are scheduled. 

A designated contact person can register up to 10 workshops at a time for your school (if you want to register more than 10, you can fill out the form multiple times).

Please note: Due to the high volume of workshop booking requests and the limited dates available, timeslots are limited. If you do not respond within 48 hours of receiving a response email from us, your timeslot will be forfeited to the next available teacher.

Registration for our in-person workshops will open in February 2024