Employment Opportunities

Working at SCI-FI Science Camps 

Working at SCI-FI Science Camps is great opportunity for you to share what you love about science and technology with kids! You develop great presentation and teamwork skills (which your future employers will recognize!), build science- or education-relevant experience for your degree, and get to be inventive and creative putting together activities for participants. 

Our goal is to make science fun, relevant, and accessible for every child in Saskatchewan

If you have any questions about working for SCI-FI, we're happy to answer them. Send us an email, stop by our office, or phone (966-7755) us for more information.

Current Job Opportunities

None currently.


Head Instructor - Summer Camps 2017 (April - August), full-time position. FILLED
Instructor - Summer Camps 2017 (May-August), full-time position. FILLED  

Head Instructor - Saturday Clubs 2017 (Jan - Mar), Part-time position. Check the Usask Job Site to apply. FILLED

Instructor - Saturday Clubs 2017 (Jan - Mar), Part-time position.  Check the Usask Job Site to apply.  FILLED

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SCI-FI Science Camps
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